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Pulse book cover

by Justin Isherwood

Softcover $17.95

Justin Isherwood is a fifth generation farmer, an award-winning Wisconsin writer, essayist and humorist. His work has been published in state and national publications and anthologies.  Some of his previous titles include: The Farm West of Mars, White Ladies & Naked Gardens, Book of Plough-Essays on the Virtues of Farm, Family & the Rural Life, Christmas Stones & The Story Chair, and FarmKid.   He and his wife, Lynn, live on the family farm in Plover, Wisconsin.



Christmas Stones & The Story Chair

Christmas Stones & The Story Chair coverby Justin Isherwood

Hardcover $26(limited quantities available) Softcover $16
ISBN 1891609041

Christmas Stones & The Story Chair- a farmboy narrator introduces the reader to the great uncles and aunts of a farm family as they give the gift of story to the next generation. The tales are revealed by an award-winning writer, Justin Isherwood. The story chair is real.

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the poetry of cold

the poetry of cold cover

a collection of writings about winter, wolves, & love

by Twenty-nine contributors, edited by Mary "Casey" Martin

Softcover $14.95
ISBN 1891609009

the poetry of cold - a collection of writings about winter, wolves & love - HBP's first anthology with 29 contributing artists, photographers, poets and writers is a new way to celebrate winter and explore writing.

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Once Around the Table

Once Around the Table cover
A Cookbook Anthology
Words & Recipes for the Body & Soul
From the Members of The Riverwood Roundtable

Softcover $12.95
ISBN 1-891609-06-81

A cookbook for the body and soul. This complete buffet of writings and favorite recipes is meant to be shared. The collection also contributes to The Frederick and Frances Hamerstrom for Writing established at the Community Foundation of South County.

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Coming Home to Door

Coming Home to Door cover
Vignettes & Recipes
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of The Door County Literary Guild
by Kathleen Arnold, Ann Kurz Chambers, Ilse Dietsche, Justin Isherwood, DyAnne Korda, Jackie Langetieg, Mary "Casey" Martin, Edith Nash, Steve Raap, Mariann Ritzer, Barbara Fitz Vroman and Gloria Zager cover illustration by Holly Hebel

Softcover $15.95
ISBN 189160905x

Coming Home to Door - a fictional bookclub meets monthly at an international tourist destination, Door County. During the 100th anniversary year, each month the reader meets another member of the club as well as what they serve up -- their food and book selection of the month. Twelve writers created the twelve, very different, women of the club.

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Live Arrival Guaranteed

Live Arrival Guaranteed cover
A Sandhill Memoir
by Hazel Grange

ISBN 1-883755-08-5 $23.95

Hazel Grange wrote her love story. The love of the land and her commitment to her husband, Wallace. Even the Great Depression could not stop this couple from making there dream come true.

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Wisconsin's Rustic Roads

Wisconsin's Rustic Roads cover
A road less travelled
Photographs by Bob Rashid
Text by Ben Logan, George Vukelich, Jean Feraca, Norbert Blei and Bill Stokes

ISBN 1-883755-02-6 $35.00

Part guide and part spiritual journey, this visually stunning book celebrates America's only statewide system of historic back country roads. it takes armchair travellers on a richly illustrated journey through the beautiful landscapes of one of the nation's most geographically diverse states, and serves to aid those travellers who decide to embark on an actual trip over these charming bucolic lanes.

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Book of Plough

Book of Plough cover
Essays on the Virtue of Farm, Family & the Rural Life
byJustin Isherwood

ISBN 1-883755-07-7 $21.95

Justin Isherwood is a contributor to numerous national publications, including Newsday. In this collection his extraordinary word choices and his poetic style create fertile fields in our minds and makes farmers out of all of us.

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June cover
by Mary Sanders Smith

ISBN 0-93164229-9 $16.00
ISBN 0-93164230-2 $26.95

In 1940 a Midwestern farm wife struggles to acheive her two goals - to produce an heir and to build her dream house. June is encouraged by a hired man and meets the famed Frank Lloyd Wright in this novel of change and growth.

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