Once Around the Table

Once Around the Table cover
A Cookbook Anthology
Words & Recipes for the Body & Soul
From the Members of The Riverwood Roundtable

Softcover $12.95
ISBN 1-891609-06-81

A cookbook for the body and soul. This complete buffet of writings and favorite recipes is meant to be shared. The collection also contributes to The Frederick and Frances Hamerstrom for Writing established at the Community Foundation of South County.

These words and recipes are offered to remember times we shared exploring our own ways of connecting the words and enjoying the good food and fellowship as twe!ve circled once around the table.

We have usually met for an annual holiday gathering at Edith Nash's home. One year as we took turns at the feast upon the table, we were brainstorming and I said we should do a collection of our writings and mix in, some of our recipes. I thought the book could also help to generate monies for a memorial fund which I seeded honoring two area environmentalists. The Frederick & Frances Hamerstrom Fund for Writing was established in 1998 at the Community Foundation of South Wood County. The late Frances Homerstrom was one of our honorary members and I had worked with her the last ten years of her life, agenting two of her titles. When she wasn't traveling, doing research or promoting her books, Fran (pronounced FRON) would sometimes attend the Riverwood Roundtable meetings.

Everyone liked the cookbook concept, so I committed to publishing it. But, what to call it? Then Mark Scarborough offered up a perfect title for this buffet of food for the body and soul, 'Once Around the Table'.

We hope you enjoy sharing the good food, the poems, and the stories within these pages with family and friends. And thank you for helping to grow the fund so that its mission can be fulfilled:

To encourage writing about our environment and how the natural world affects all of us.

Once again, thank you. Mary 'Casey' Martin, Publisher

Note: To be published the writings did NOT have to relate to food. Most contributors of words and food also knew Fran.


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